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Fees Effective August 1, 2015
Account Balancing and Research $20.00 per hour
HSA-Account Closing Fee (if closed before age 65) $25.00
HSA-Set Up Fee-One Time Fee for setting up account $10.00
Account Closing Fee-All Other Transaction Accounts
(if closed within 180 days of opening)
Cash Advance $5.00 each
Check Copies $2.00 each
Check Orders (price determined by quantity and style)
Replace Debit Card (customer request) $3.00 each
Collection Items:
Domestic $35.00 each
International $35.00 each
Bonds Coupons $5.00 per envelope
Dormant Account
(assessed after 12 months of no activity)
$10.00 monthly/quarterly on savings
Facsimile Services $1.00 per page
Charged Off Overdraft Collection Fee $30.00
Interim or Duplicate Statement $2.00 each
Tax Levy $25.00 each
Notary Service:
Customers No Charge
Non-Customers $10.00
Official Check:
Customers $5.00 each
Non-Customers $10.00 each
Overdrafts (non-sufficient funds)
*Overdrafts may be created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means. One time point of sale (POS) transactions will not be assessed a fee.  (By Federal Regulation E, this applies to consumers only).
$35.00 per item*
Returned Deposited Items $9.00 each
Safe Deposit Box Rental:
*Fees for drilling boxes, replacement key or locks will be actual cost incurred.
3 x 5 $25.00
5 x 5 $35.00
3 x 10 $40.00
5 x 10 $55.00
10 x 10 $100.00
Key Rental Fee     (will be refunded upon the return of both keys) $10.00
Signature Guaranty (Customers Only) No Charge
Stop Payment/Caution (good for six months) $35.00 per item
Mobile Banking:
Mobile Banking (without Express Deposit) FREE
Mobile Banking (with Express Deposit) $5.00 per month
Wire Transfers:
Incoming Domestic or International $15.00 each
Outgoing Domestic $15.00 each
Outgoing International $50.00 each
Debit Card Limits  
Non-Pin transactions $  500.00 daily
Pin transactions $1,200.00 daily
ATM withdrawal limit $  505.00 daily



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